Thursday, June 10, 2010

"I just got my passport...."

The busy planning stage is underway as we set our sights on flying to
Cairo in mid-August.  I have been accepted at the two graduate programs I applied to at the American University of Cairo (the masters in Comparative International Law and the one in International Human Rights).  Other plans are in the works.  Jeff and I brought Cameron to the post office to fill out the forms to apply for his passport.  Cameron was so excited after leaving that he was cheerfully telling strangers walking by on the sidewalk, "I just got my passport!"   Meanwhile, the day to day activities keep us busy. Cameron just graduated from the Little Red School House preschool program at Amherst College.  Here's a picture of him with two of his wonderful teachers on graduation day.

I finished my semester teaching Adjudication and American Politics at Greenfield Community College. On the left is a photo of my American Politics class at the Boston State House with Senator Rosenberg (center).  Jeff is working on developing computer consulting jobs to work on in Cairo. 
Cameron is enjoying his nature class at the Hitchcock Nature Center. (see photos below). 

Cameron and I enjoy going to the monthly Art Walk in Amherst (see photos below).


I've been speaking at several Rotary Clubs in the area as we embark on this adventure:  the Chicopee Club, the Northampton Club and am scheduled to speak at the Amherst Club on July 29. I also hope to arrange visits to the Greenfield and Springfield clubs before we leave. I really enjoy these talks, meeting many friendly Rotarians and learning more about what each club is doing. It's a great way to lay a foundation for the upcoming year.
I'm also taking photos of events in my community and places we love to visit to put in a slide-show that I will present to Rotary Clubs in Egypt.  I took some pictures at Town Meeting (see photo at left), at Rotary events (see District Rotary Conference photos above), and our favorite hiking trails (photo of our well-loved Rail Trail at bottom). 

That's all for now. I'll write again when more plans are finalized.