Saturday, May 7, 2011

More videos from the May 1, Labor Day protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Below are a couple videos of the speakers and chants at the Labor Day protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square that drew about 3,000-5,000 protesters.  See my other blog entry for additional photos and videos.

In other news, there is a 2500 person conference happening today in Cairo to discuss the future direction of the revolution.  Here are few excerpts from an article about the conferences:
CAIRO: An estimate of 2,500 youth activists, political party members and others will participate in the “First Conference of Egypt: The People Protecting their Revolution” scheduled for Saturday, the organizing committee said...

During the conference, participants will nominate a National Council of 60 members, representing different political ideologies that believe in a civil state, that will be working on maintaining the achievements of the January 25 Revolution. It will also address the remaining objectives in order to fulfill the ambitions of Egyptians in change and building a society based on freedom and social justice.

The Council will also issue the ‘Revolution Document’ and have a unified list of the candidates they’ll support at the upcoming parliamentary elections, Hamza added.

The conference will include four sessions; first, the basic principals for the upcoming constitution; second, a future vision for development and social justice; third, unifying the political and national powers for the upcoming legislative elections; and fourth, electing a National Council to aid the SCAF."

The article also reported that 7 members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who are currently in charge of the country, will be attending.

Here are more photos and videos fo the May Day protest:

Here's the link for this video: 

 Here's a link to this video:

Here is a video of a young man who is working on helping to start a new political party.
Here's the link to this video:

Here are more photos:

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