Friday, August 27, 2010

Photos of New Cairo

Here are some photos of New Cairo that I described in my last post:

We decided it would be too challenging to live in New Cairo without a car so instead signed a lease for an apartment in an area called Maadi that is very close to a Metro.  The metro in Cairo is wonderful.  It's clean, has lovely artwork with mosiacs of the ancient Egyptians, it covers most of the city and it's about 17 cents to ride.  Curiously, foreigners don't seem to know about it.   In the week we've been riding the Metro, we never saw another foreigner.  It's also interesting that wealthier Egyptians don't seem to ride the metro either since they have cars.  A really nice Egyptian woman who is also an AUC student was kind enough to drive us around to look at apartments one afternoon and she commented that she had never been on the metro though she's grown up here.   With traffic being very challenging here (both in terms of traffic jams and drivers who are very liberal with their interpretation of rules of the road) and with gas prices sure to increase as there is less oil available worldwide, I wonder if the metro will be used more by all classes of people here.

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