Friday, August 27, 2010

Moving Day

After a lovely last breakfast at our hotel (see photo above), we packed up everything from our hotel room and are moving into our new flat.  It's challenging to move a year's worth of things for a family of three without a car, but the taxi cabs are well-equipped to handle moves.  I wish I'd had a spare second to take a photo of the taxi that just left with Cameron and Jeff.... it had two big suitcases on top, a full trunk, a backseat with luggage and Cameron's child's guitar (that Jeff enjoys playing) and Cameron on Jeff's lap in the front seat with Abdul, a nice driver we met yesterday.   I'm at the hotel now waiting for Abdul to come back for the last couple pieces of luggage and I'll go with the second load.  Here's a picture of Cameron with all the stuff holding a couple balloons given to him by friends we made here.

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