Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our new home

We're very happy to be settled in our new apartment (-- they call it a flat here--) which is in a lovely part of Cairo called Maadi.  Our apartment is simple but nice and all that we need.  We bargained with the landlord (-- bargaining is a routine part of life here and is expected by everyone) who was kind enough to reduce the rent by a couple hundred dollars in exchange for us foregoing having air conditioning in the rooms other than the two bedrooms (which already had AC units).  He bought us a fan instead and it's fine.

We love how quiet our street is and how we can walk to the grocery store, the metro, Cameron's school and my bus-stop.  Here's a photo of our street (our flat is on the right) and a photo of the building we're in.  We're on the third floor.  

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