Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kitty City

There are cats all over Cairo, so Cameron and I have nicknamed it "Kitty City".  I don't think we've ever seen a cat that was someone's pet, but we heard from one foreigner that she had a pet cat.  Cameron points out the cats as we see them, everywhere, and he names the ones we see on a regular basis.  Here are some of the cats we see when we go to the Community Services Association.
"Needles"  (Cameron said he named her Needles because her whiskers look like needles.)

"Teedee" because "he looks kind of like a tiger...he has stripes, so the Tee is like Tiger."

"Needles" (again) and "Whitey"
These kitties are all siblings and the people at the CSA feed them which is why they look so healthy and content.  Other kitties we see along the road are quite thin.  Here are some other photos we took a couple nights ago when we went out for Ramadan.

"Belonga", Cameron said "it's just a name I made up for the kitty.
Though we see many cats around Cairo, we rarely see dogs and the few times we do see them, they are usually on a leash held by some expatriate.  The tricky thing about dogs and cats in the street is that you can't pet them because, as our guide book says, rabies is common here and the vaccinations if one is bitten are not consistently available in this country which could mean a quick trip out of the country.  So, Cameron continues to admire and name the kitties in Kitty City from afar.

" Anna & Annie Kitty", Kitty is their last name.

"Tanny's cousin"


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