Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting settled

I attended my orientation at American University in Cairo (AUC).  I'm in the International Human Rights Law program doing a one year graduate degree.  I'm really looking forward to my classes.

There are two campuses for AUC.  My classes are at the old campus (in downtown Cairo) but the orientation was a the new campus.  Here are a few photos of the new campus.

I've been working on locating Rotarians in Cairo and am making progress now that I have easier access to internet.  (We just got our internet hooked up on our apartment tonight).  There is a great website for the Rotary Clubs in Cairo and I've emailed the contact people listed for four different clubs.  I also found a Rotary Club listed in the phone book in Alexandria which is about a two hour train ride away.   I'm looking forward to attending some of the Rotary events I see posted on their website.

All in all, we're getting settled in nicely and having a great experience.


  1. Definitely get to Alexandria if you can - awesome cross-cultural mixing point.

  2. Thanks! We will definitely go to Alexandria. I'll post some photos after we get there.