Friday, September 17, 2010

Connecting with Rotary in Cairo

I have connected with Rotary in Cairo and they have been extremely welcoming.  Jeff, Cameron and I met with two Rotarians associated with the ambassadorial scholar program  last week.  (The slide show above called Views of the Nile and the Pyramids are photos taken from the office one of these gentlemen.  If you click on it the pictures get big.)   Our new Rotarian friends were very kind and had excellent suggestions for how our family could get to know Egypt with the help of Rotary and get involved with Rotary activities here.   I was amazed to hear that there are 48 different Rotary clubs in the Cairo area!  This Tuesday afternoon I will be speaking at the oldest of these clubs, founded in 1928.   Jeff, Cameron and I will be going to meet with our host club on Monday evening.  Rotary is doing some terrific service projects events in Cairo that I will tell you more about in another blog entry. We will be attending a Peace Conference hosted by Rotary this February.


  1. hey carol do you know who am i? i met you today in Tahrir city the guy that was painting. i found the page and i hope you post the video here i want my friends to see me. nice to see you

  2. Hello,
    Yes of course I remember you. I already posted your video. Just go to the main page of the blog at If you check the main page after today, look for the blog entry called 3 days post-mubarak. That's where your video is. Thanks for speaking to me and for painting! Carol

  3. thank u a lot when i posted it on my facebook my friends was so happy. and btw, it was my first time appearing in front of camera i was confused and couldn't find the right words to happy to meet u that day wish imeet u again by luck...and please if u have facebook add me..i know its crazy question but i would like to add u there..can't find ur personal email. just please if u can send me email at write me there ur facebook name im sorry