Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cairo Update: Day 15

The Egypt protests are in their 15th day.  There was an announcement early this morning, February 8, that President Mubarak would be raising wages in the public sector by 15%.  It was also announced that the President issued a decree setting up a committee to look at constitutional amendments. 

Later today, the crowds in Tahrir Square were reported to number in the hundreds of thousands, both in Cairo and Alexandria.  Here are some photos I took from the news reports on TV.
The photo below is of Egyptian Wael Ghonim, an executive from Google who was released yesterday.  He went to Tahrir Square today and spoke to the crowd.  

Here are a few photos of children who attended today's demonstrations in Tahrir Square.  

This parent brought their one month old baby to the protest.  
The woman in the photo below was interviewed and said this was the first protest she had been to.

TV journalists reported that several thousand protesters walked to the Parliament buildings in Cairo to demonstrate.  Parliament is not in session right now.

Crowds remained in Tahrir Square after sunset, (see photo below taken in the evening of Day 15.)

Vice President Biden.  Photo copied from google images, from

One piece of breaking news from the U.S., ABC News reports:
"Today Vice President Biden pushed [Egypt's Vice President] Suleiman to 'immediately' rescind the [Emergency] law, according to a White House Statement."

Here is a link to a New York Times newspaper article that explains more about the Emergency Law if you would like to learn more:

If you would like to read more about Vice President Biden's communications with Vice President Suleiman, here is a link to an ABC News article about it:

In other U.S. news, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates (see photo below) praised Egypt's military for their handling of the protests.  He commented that he was pleased with how the military had exercised great restraint.

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