Sunday, February 20, 2011

Videos from Victory Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square

The Egyptian Gazette reports there were more than a million people in Cairo's Tahrir Square for yesterday's celebration/protest on Victory Friday.

Here are some short videos I took yesterday at the protest.  There are a few more that are still downloading that I will post in the next couple days.  This first one is of a young man who was in the square for the full 18 days and 17 nights.  I spoke to him on a side street next to Tahrir Square.  He was quiet and unassuming, and yet one of the heroes of the revolution.
Here's the link for this video if you have trouble watching it on this blog.

Link to the video:

Here's a video of some of the crowd:
Here's the video link:

Here's a link to the video:

News updates for today:

*  An Egyptian official has announced that the Emergency Law will be lifted within 6 months.

*  The Egyptian border crossing to Gaza has been reopened to allow Palestinians who have been waiting to return to Gaza to go home.  The border had been closed for the weeks during the protests.

*  There will be a 15% increase in social security for Egyptians effective April 1.  Here's a link to a newspaper article from an Egyptian paper about this:

*  The Military made an announcement about strikes:
 "The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will not allow the continuation of these illegal acts which pose a danger to the nation, and they will confront them and take legal measures to protect the nation's security."   This is reported in the newspaper article at this link:'s%20factory%20strikes%20despite%20warning

*  One opposition party, the Wasat party, which has been seeking official approval to be a political party for years has now been approved.

*  The Committee working on revisions to the Egyptian Constitution has said they will be finished in a few days.  The Committee was set up last Tuesday and given 10 days to revise the Constitution.

*  The Supreme  Council of the Armed Forces has decided not to prosecute a member of the military who gave up his weapon and joined the protesters.  Here's an article about this:'t%20punish%20protesting%20soldier

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