Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 22, 2011 Protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square

I was in Tahrir Square today during the regular Friday protest.  There were several thousand people there, but there was still single or double lane traffic going by with a line of military soldiers in red berets forming a line between the protesters and the traffic to keep order.  The soldiers did not seem to have any problem with the protesters holding their protest.  Everything was peaceful and there were enthusiastic speakers.

In speaking with one person about what the current demands are for the protesters he said one is to release the political prisoners who are still detained and another is to put Mubarak and his sons on trial.  Mubarak's two sons were detained a couple weeks ago for investigation and Mubarak himself has been under detention by means of a police guard at the door of his hospital room.

Here are photos of Friday's protest.

Here's a video from yesterday's protest:
This video can also be viewed at this link:

Here's another short video from yesterday:
Here's the link for this video:

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