Friday, April 1, 2011

The Interim Constitution and more videos from Referendum Day

In reviewing my YouTube videos and thanks to a comment from one Egyptian who reminded me I hadn't yet posted the video I took of them, I discovered there were a few videos from the day of the referendum on the constitutional amendments (March 19) that I hadn't yet posted.  They are at the end of this posting.  

Other news updates:

*  The military announced the new interim constitution on Wednesday, though I haven't yet seen an English version of it.  The newspapers reported that about 80% of the interim constitution is from the old Egyptian constitution that was suspended when the military came to power, plus the most recent amendments that passed by a 77% vote in the recent referendum.  There were some other changes made too for the Interim Constitution, but I haven't yet seen an analysis of what changes were neither from the old constitution nor the newly passed amendments.  (I've heard some ask the question as to why there was a referendum on amendments to the constitution at all if changes could just be made by means of the Armed Forces' constitutional decree.)

*  The stock exchange reopened here about a week ago, after being closed for almost two months.  It had closed at the end of January when the revolution started after it had fallen by 16%.  When it reopened, it fell by almost 10% in the first hour or two, resulting in the government suspending trading for a short time, then reopening later that same day.  A drop was expected because of many corruption charges pending against former ministers and issues related to the political transition of the past 2 months.

*  The U.S. Embassy has reopened and resumed all operations and the State Department is allowing diplomats to come back.  Here's an article about that:

* Political activists and bloggers have called for another million person march tomorrow (Friday) to protest unfulfilled demands.  Here's an article about this.  

*  The above article reports,  "The first session of the national dialogue is expected today in the Cabinet headquarters under the title 'Towards a New Social Decade'," the Cabinet said in a statement yesterday." 

* The military has announced that presidential elections will be in November.  Parliamentary elections had been announced already for September.

 Now, here are the videos.
Here's a link to this video:

This video is available at this link:

This link is available at this link:

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