Monday, March 28, 2011

State Television in Egypt

State television building in Cairo.
I have finally been able to upload the video interviews I took at the protest last Friday, March 25, 2011, in front of the State Television Station in Cairo.   The woman in this video happened to have been a TV broadcaster for State TV a couple years ago.
This is the link for this video:

Here is the link to this video:

This video is available at this link:

Here are some more photos of this protest.

I was surprised to see the military soldiers wearing helmets, like the riot police wore when there were violent clashes with protesters.  I also saw a number of soldiers wearing bright red helmets.  From what I saw, this protest was completely peaceful.
Here's a link to the first blog entry I did about that protest.

During the revolution, the contrast between the state television network and other networks was pointed out occasionally by the AlJazeera station.  They showed clips of what was being shown on State Television or somethings showed a split screen of the mass protests shown on AlJazeera and other international stations as compared to what was being shown on state television.  I took some pictures these split screens being shown by AlJazeera.  The following shots were from February 5, day 12 of the 18 day revolution.

Here is an article from Time online discussing the coverage of the revolution (or lack of) by Egypt's state television.,8599,2046510,00.html

During the revolution, the government blocked the Arabic station of AlJazeera so most Egyptians had no access to what I was watching on the English AlJazeera station.  

It was interesting that AlJazeera reported at the end of the revolution that State Television was, for the first time, showing photos of Tahrir Square full of protesters.  Here's a screen shot I took then.

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