Sunday, March 27, 2011

The colorful New Egypt

Part of the New Egypt means taking pride in how Egypt looks and instilling this pride in children.  One group is painting a beautiful wall mural in one community in Cairo.  The organizers are a group of young people in their 20's with art degrees: some art teachers, some graphic designers, some looking for work in the arts.   They got paint and the painting supplies from a local store that donated them.  Then they teamed up with some people who live in a housing project behind the wall and the children from those apartment buildings did much of the painting of the mural.  

The children loved the project.  Here are some photos and videos with the kids and the beautiful wall.

This video is found at this link:

Here's a link to this video:

My son wanted to try painting too so one of the kids handed him a roller and he joined in.

Here's a photo of all the adult artists organizing this project.
Here's a video introducing some of the people in the above photo.
This video is available at this link:

Here's another video interview I did with one of the painting organizers a week before:

Here's a link to this video:

A video of another women organizing this painting, Nesma, is found at an earlier blog entry at this link:

Here are some photos of the almost completed mural:
This next photo shows the wall and the housing project behind the wall where many of the children working on the mural live.

Thank you to all the artists organizing this project and all the children who helped with painting!  You have done a beautiful thing!

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