Monday, March 21, 2011

77% of Egyptians in favor of constitutional amendments

Egyptians have approved the proposed constitutional amendments with a vote of 77% in favor.  There were 14.1 million voters in favor of the amendments and 4 million against, with a total voter turnout of 41% of the 45 million eligible voters.   

Below is a photo of Mohammed Attiya, Chairperson of the commission overseeing the elections, as he announced the election results.  Mr. Attiya echoed what I heard many voters say as they stood in line for hours yesterday waiting to vote:: “This is the first real referendum in Egypt’s history,” he said.   

Here is a link to a New York Times article about the election:
Photo from the New York Times.  Aris Messina / Agence France-Presse.  Getty Images
Below are more videos of voters I talked to yesterday at the polls:  
Here's a link to this video:

This video is at this link:

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Here's the link to this video:

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