Sunday, March 6, 2011

Painting and Shredding

Here is a video from a young woman we met yesterday who was directing a project of children painting the wall in their neighborhood as part of the New Egypt.
Here's the link to this video:

There are more photos of this wonderful neighborhood painting project at this link:

Here's a photo of the protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday (Friday).  (Photo is from Al Jazeera's website.)

In other news, the media reported that protesters in Alexandria stormed the state security headquarters and gained control of the lower floors.  The New York Times reported a 'tweet' saying:  "“witnesses spotted cars transporting shredded documents, that’s how protest started.”  

The New York Times also showed this photo that was allegedly taken inside the security headquarters building.    
Here's the link to the New York Times report that had the photo and that discusses bloggers' reports and tweets about this event:
The New York Times report said one blogger said that members of the military had arrested some members of the security forces.

Here's a link to the Egyptian Gazette article about this event and the fire that broke out at the headquarters.

Al Jazeera television just reported that protesters in Cairo stormed the security office here today (or maybe it was tonight).  A woman was interviewed by phone about what the protesters found when they entered the station, such as shredded documents.  

Lastly, here's a newsclip from Al Jazeera showing a video of Egypt's new prime minister, Essam Sharaf, speaking in Tahrir Square yesterday.  It's just amazing to me that Egypt could go from the place it was 3 weeks ago, to having this well-loved leader carried on the shoulders of protesters then speaking to the crowd saying that he gets his legitimacy from them and that he would exert all his efforts to meet their demands and if he failed, he would join them.  This is truly amazing.  Here's the video:

If this video doesn't work, you can view it at this link:

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  1. Hey Carol..thank you for posting the video of painting :D
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