Monday, March 28, 2011

Egypt, Libya, & AlJazeera

Egypt's foreign minister has said that Egypt will take no action with regard to Libya other than trying to assist the Egyptians who had been living in Libya and are now coming back into Egypt.  Here is a link to an article about this:'Egypt%20to%20stay%20out%20of%20Libya%20conflict'

But there are many efforts by groups and individuals in Egypt trying to assist the Libyan people.  Our church said they had two trucks going with food and medical supplies about to go to Libya.  A Libyan friend of ours whose son goes to school with our son said there are places all around Cairo collecting supplies to send to Libya.  Our neighbor said he was planning to travel with one of the groups taking medical supplies to Libya.  

Plus there are many nongovernmental organizations going to the border to help the tens of thousands of refugees that are pouring out of Libya.  Here is video of one of my classmates, Ellen, who just got back from the Libyan border.  Unfortunately the lighting isn't great because I spoke to her at night after our evening class.

This video can be viewed at this link:

Meanwhile, in Libya, the fighting continues with this video from AlJazeera discussing how the rebels struggle with inferior weapons and little training.

Our Libyan friend in Cairo told me that in towns near Tripoli, Quadaffi soldiers were deciding who to target by asking children in school which of their parents watch AlJazeera at home.  Throughout the Egyptian revolution and the rest of the protests happening around the Middle East, AlJazeera has been courageously covering these stories, even when their crews are detained, their office burned and two of their crew killed (one in Cairo and one in Libya).  Here's a link to a story about their office in Cairo getting set on fire:

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