Sunday, November 21, 2010

The campaign season

With the Egypt's parliamentary elections in a little more than a week (Nov. 28), there are campaign posters and banners around many parts of Egypt.  The spending limit set by the Higher Election Commission (the body that determines election rules) is 200,000 Egyptian pounds ($35,149).

I read an article discussing how some candidates are giving out meat and clothing to voters to try to gain their support.  See article at the following link:
There are 508 seats up for election in Egypt's parliament.  The National Party is running 800 candidates (sometimes several candidates for the same seat); a party described as the 'liberal Waft opposition party' is running 250 candidates; and a banned Islamic party is running 135 candidates as independents.  Here is an article that tells more about this:

Here are some more photos showing campaign materials for particular candidates:

If you would like to read election coverage from the local paper, here's the link to their election page:

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