Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Room with a View

Here are photos looking out the windows of Cameron's bedroom.

Cameron's room has a set of doors leading out to the balcony (see photo below).
For those of you who have said you might come visit, below is the master bedroom that will be yours if you come.  The two sets of French doors lead out to the balconies pictured above.

Below is a photo of the yard that our neighbors on the first floor have.  They are a foreign couple:  the husband is British and the wife is Filipino.  What Cameron likes best about them is that they have a child his age, Alicia.  Cameron and Alicia have had several play dates and they ask regularly to play together.  One intriguing thing about visiting Alicia for Cameron is that she has several guinea pigs that live in a cage in her yard.  Even the fact that she has a yard, with grass no less, is a pretty rare and privileged thing here.  

Here is what you see when you enter our flat.  The photo below it is a tropical scene that was taped or glued to the back of our flat door.  Not a bad picture, but a bit odd for a front door.

Here's our bathroom.
The combo bathtub/shower is on the right.

Every apartment building has a building manager called a Bow-wab (spelled phonetically).  They take care of the grounds and are pretty much always present on the property.  Mail gets delivered to them as well as newspapers sometimes.  They hose down the brick sidewalk next to the building and the interior stairwells.  We have a female bauwab who is very nice and greets us coming and going several times a day.  Bauwabs live on site and, I've heard, are provided free housing plus a fee from each tenant every month.  (I think our bauwab fee is about 70 pounds a month, about $14.)

Here are a couple photos of another kind of housing near us.

Toilet facilities (i.e., the squat kind of toilet) in an outdoor closet.

Here are the kitties who live outside our building.  

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