Saturday, November 27, 2010

Elections Tomorrow

Egypt's Elections for Parliament are tomorrow.  Campaigning officially ended yesterday.

As with any election, there are last minute developments.  The high Court here just issued an order saying that texting on cell phones will be allowed.  As I understand it, the issue was whether text messages sent out en masse would be allowed.  The Court said yes.  Texting (called SMS) is very popular here.  I guess it's popular in the U.S. too, but here, everyone does it, even people who don't have email or computers.   Here's an article that tells more about this:

Here are several articles from various newspapers (two in the U.S. and two in Egypt) discussing the issue of the U.S.'s position regarding international election observers for Egypt's election tomorrow:

First, here is one Egyptian newpaper article from Al-Ahram, an official newspaper that was first established in 1875.

Here the same issue discussed by another Egyptian paper:

A NY Times article on the issue of the role of the U.S.:

Finally, a Washington Post article from an hour ago discussing updates:

This next article notes that "The government insists the election will be fair and the electoral committee says it granted more than 6,000 permits to local civil society groups to monitor the vote and the ballot counting."

In my daily activities, here, I haven't seen any election violence.  I've just seen countless banners and larger than life headshots of candidates. Maadi, the neighborhood where I live, is a pretty peaceful place. 

Here are a few more photos of campaign signs.  I saw a couple signs with women candidates on them.

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