Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Party

Cameron was invited to his first birthday party here.  The little Egyptian girl turning 6 years old invited everyone in her primary one class at the Irish School.  Cameron is in primary one even though he hasn't been to kindergarten because the Irish School operates on the British curriculum that doesn't have kindergarten and instead has 5-6 year old in primary one.

Since the birthday party was in a part of Cairo that is not easy to get to without a car, the parents of the girl sent a driver to the Irish School to pick up any kids and parents who wanted to meet there.  Cameron and I did this and were grateful for the ride.

This birthday party was like no other birthday party we've been to.  It was grand on a scale that a rehearsal dinner or wedding is grand.   The entrance had an arch of balloons, the backyard had a large inflateable bouncy structure, then came a feast for all the parents and kids, then came the cartoon characters all dressed up dancing with the children, then came the clowns with a unicycle, and finally came the gorgeous cake to feed 50 people with the beautiful photo superimposed on it along with sparklers for all the kids and adults.  Needless to say, Cameron had a very good time.

Cameron turns 6 next month.  I cautioned him not to expect this type of birthday party.  We will have a party, but nothing on this scale.  I've heard that for Egyptian families, it is not uncommon to have very fancy birthday parties for children.  This seems to be part of the culture that adores children.
Puppet Show
Balloons over entry with a very tired Cameron reluctant to go home at the end of a fun day.
The lovely dining room where the banquet buffet was spread.

Kids with the clowns

The inflated jumping thing with a slide (a favorite of Cameron's)

Cameron doesn't like the creatures with the big heads.

Sparklers on cake too!
The home where the birthday party was held.

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