Monday, October 4, 2010

Shopping--- a trip to the mall

I went shopping yesterday at the big mall.  (I've only heard about this one big mall.)  The mall is interesting in small doses, but then overwhelming.   My friend from Arabic class gave me a ride.  It's handy to go to the mall once in a while to find things that you might not find elsewhere.  Though I still haven't found a smoke detector.... our apartment has none, we haven't seen any in any other apartment and don't know if they are sold here.

There is a lot of wealth evident in the mall, the contrast to some other parts of the country is striking.

Here are some photos of the mall.

Jeff, Cameron and I got a ride to the mall with a couple friends from church a few weeks ago.  We just stayed for an hour or so and Cameron spent the whole time in the climbing structure in the photo below.  Since there aren't public parks here, any chance for him to climb and burn off energy is appreciated.  

This mall is named for the primary store, CarreFour.  I've heard it's a French store.  They have everything there and it's supposedly cheaper than many places, though if you factor in the cab ride I had to take to get home, it probably comes out about the same.  One thing that was different about this store compared to similar type stores in the U.S. were the way some things were displayed.  Below are some photos.  I watched a couple children come by and play with the displays of grains, scooping up piles with their hands.   

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