Monday, October 18, 2010

The Greek Orthodox Cemetery and a Strange Looking Bird

When we went to visit the area of Coptic Cairo, we stumbled upon a green metal door (that was part of a gated road) at the end of the walled in area where  the churches and alleys were.  It was half open, so we walked in.  It turned out to be the Greek Orthodox Cemetery, another fascinating place.  Here are some photos I took as we wandered around the maze of crypts.  (If you want to see more of the intricate details, you can click on the photos to make them larger.)

I found a short YouTube video that shows a different part of the cemetery that we haven't yet visited.  (I don't know who took the video.)   Here's the link:[RZul65LPTKA].cfm

And, for Shirley and any other bird-watchers reading this blog, here is a photo of very interesting looking bird we saw in the cemetery.  Shirley, what is it?!

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