Monday, October 11, 2010

Last day at the Montesorri School

Cameron's last day at the Montesorri School was bitter sweet.  We bought treats (like cookies/cakes) for snack time.  They had a circle with all the kids in the school (about 30-40 kids it seemed, though I had heard the school had 96 kids -- I guess the babies didn't come.)

Cameron was presented with a necklace made by one of the teachers.  The tradition was that any child who wanted to would wish something into the necklace for him.  One child raised his hand and said he wished Cameron new friends at his new school.  A little girl wished him "heart".  Another little girl wished him "ballet".  His friend Jackimo (see photo above with little boy in blue shirt) wished him a camel.  We took photos and he said his goodbyes.  I have contact information for the moms of two of his good little friends so we will plan play times together.  We're also planning to get together with the teacher he spent so much time with, maybe she will join us for family picnics or something.  All in all, it was a good ending.  Cameron started at the Irish School the next day.

And as to the little boy's wish that Cameron have a camel, we will be working on that task, indirectly.  There is a camel market outside of the city and I'm trying to arrange for us to go for a visit.  It is apparently a difficult place to visit if you are the type of person who likes animals to always be treated with kindness.  But it is still a place we should see.  We may go as part of a field trip through the Community Services Association (a center that provides services for expats) or a friend might give us a ride.  You'll see a blog entry about it when we eventually get there.

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