Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween in Egypt?

I didn't think we'd need to think about Halloween here so didn't bring any kind of costume or materials to make one from when we came here, but it turns out Halloween is a big deal at the Irish International School that Cameron attends.  Everybody dressed up and they transformed the school with Halloween decorations.

They don't have pumpkins here in Egypt (-- at least I haven't seen any--) so this is the creative alternative.  An orange balloon with black construction paper parts for the face and a rolled paper for a stem.  Pretty nice looking pumpkin!

Cameron wanted to be a white cat with spots.  Between a large white polyester shirt that I didn't mind parting with, plastic cups that stapled to make ears and a coat hanger twisted and wrapped in T-shirts covered with a pair of black nylon stockings, we made him into a cat.  Here are some photos.

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