Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walking around downtown Cairo

Here's a photo I took today of a young man carrying bread down one of the main streets in downtown Cairo.
Here's a photo from an interesting Egyptian restaurant we had lunch at with our friend, the supervisor of the moot court team, one of the team members and another person who had helped them prepare.  The restaurant had a great ambiance about it.  Our friend took us on a walking tour of downtown Cairo for a couple hours after lunch.  It was very nice since we discovered interesting places that we might never have found without her.
We also visited this really cool photography/book/craft store.  Here are a couple photos from the store.
Below is a photo of Tahrir Square, which is the hub of Cairo.  It's also called Midan Tahrir (Arabicميدان التحرير,) which means "Liberation Square.  Some of the things you'll find in this area are the Egyptian Museum, the downtown campus of my school (American University in Cairo), the Arab League, one of the biggest and busiest government buildings in Cairo, the Nile Hilton Hotel and many blocks of bustling shops.  The traffic is so busy in this area that you have to be very careful in crossing the street.  Fortunately, the metro stop is connected to tunnels that are like underground sidewalks going underneath this whole square and surrounding roads.  The metro station is named for Sadat, the peace-maker.  I come to this metro three nights a week for class.

This blog entry is dedicated to my mother, Susan Gray, who died 10 years ago, and whose birthday is today.

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