Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boat Ride on the Nile

Jeff, Cameron and I went for our first "Faluca" ride on the Nile today.   A Faluca is a boat about the size of a pontoon boat.  This boat ride was planned as a Law Student Association event as part of the International Human Rights Law program I'm part of.  Here's a photo of us with the other students on our boat and other photos of the Nile.

It was a lovely evening on the Nile:  warm but with a nice steady breeze.  The faluca has a sail so it goes at a decent clip when the sail is out.  There are not many mosquitos here so it's very pleasant to be out at night.  The Nile is beautiful at night with all the lights of the buildings and the boats going by lit up.  One just has to be sure not to put their hand in the Nile since there are microscopic organisms that can give diseases.  (The guidebooks even warn against walking on the banks of the Nile in bare feet.)

It was very interesting talking with the other law students and their spouses.   One of the students organizing the trip is married to a very nice woman who works for Habitat for Humanity which is apparently quite active here.  I chatted with her for a while and she said it would be ok for me to go visit one of Habitat's projects with her.

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